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Dorfler Bows for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.

Dorfler have been making bows in Germany for four generations, their bows are made in the style of Tourte, a French bow maker.

The Dorfler Master Bow is a hand-crafted top-quality product. Only the finest and exquisite materials are used to guarantee a long life cycle.

Pernambuco wood is used predominantly. It is the only wood which meets the high standards of flexibility and resilience required to manufacture a Dorfler Master Bow. And it is a prerequisite for the masterly art of giving the bow, through exact bending, the greatest possible tension and the ideal weight balance.

The bow hair consists exclusively of natural white horse hair from selected steppe horses of Central Asia. Hair which neither waves nor becomes rotten.

The elaborate mother-of-pearl and precious metal mountings on the non-porous ebony frog are valuable refinements which give the Dorfler Master Bow its typical appearance and a long life.

The high-quality and sonorous master bows made by Dorfler are known and recognised all over the world. In 2013, Dorfler won two prestigious awards at the China International Violin Making and Bow Making Competition (CIVMC) in Beijing. Dorfler master builder Günther Spätling received the gold medal in the cello bow making category, and the silver medal in the bass bow making category. The international jury of experts not only commended the handicraft work, quality and design of the individual bows. Professional musicians also tested the superb sound quality of the master bows. A significant acclaim for the family company from Bubenreuth in Germany.

Dorfler is committed to sustainability of used resources. We are particularly dedicated to support reforestation projects of pernambuco trees, which come from northern and central-east Brazil.

Since 2007, this rare type of tree is an internationally protected species. Exporting pernambuco wood is therefore a complicated task requiring detailed consideration. Dorfler is a member and supporter of the I.P.C.I. Organisation, which is committed to the sustainability and reforestation of this precious type of tree.

Pernambo is a very slow-growing wood. Trees from reforestation projects are therefore unlikely to be available for bow making in the near future. Fortunately, Dorfler Bogen has in its reserve at least 30-year-old stocks of wood.

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  • Dorfler Bow Violin Brazil Wood No.6 5106
  • Dorfler Bow Viola Brazil Wood No.6 5116
  • Dorfler Bow Violin Brazil Wood No.7 5079
  • Dorfler Bow Cello Brazil Wood No.6 5216
  • Dorfler Bow Viola Brazil Wood No.7 5082
  • Dorfler Bow Violin Brazil Wood No.7a 5080
  • Dorfler Bow Violin Brazil Wood No.9 5081
  • Dorfler Bow Viola Brazil Wood No.7a 5083
  • Dorfler Bow Cello Brazil Wood No.7 5085
  • Dorfler Bow Viola Brazil Wood No.9 5084
  • Dorfler Bow Cello Brazil Wood No.7a 5086
  • Dorfler Bow Violin Pernambuco No.15 5088
  • Dorfler Bow Cello Brazil Wood No.9 5087
  • Dorfler Bow Violin Pernambuco No.16 5089
  • Dorfler Bow Cello Pernambuco No.15 5092
  • Dorfler Bow Violin Pernambuco No.17 5090
  • Dorfler Bow Cello Pernambuco No.16 5093
  • Dorfler Bow Violin Pernambuco No.19 5119
  • Dorfler Cello Bow Pernambuco No. 17
    Cello Bows

    Dorfler Cello Bow Pernambuco No.17

    : £356.40
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  • Dörfler 3/4 double bass bow
    Double Bass Bows

    Dörfler 3/4 double bass bow

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  • Dorfler Bow Violin Pernambuco No.191 5191
  • Dorfler Bow Violin Pernambuco No.192 5091
  • Dörfler 4/4 Double bass bow with black bow hair
    Double Bass Bows

    Dörfler 4/4 double bass bow

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  • Dorfler Bow Violin Pernambuco No.20a - Silver 5095
  • Dorfler Bow Violin Pernambuco No.21 - Silver 5121
  • Dorfler Bow Violin Pernambuco No.21a - Silver 5121A

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