Dorfler Bows

Experience the Heritage with Dorfler Bows

Immerse yourself in the rich legacy of Dorfler, a brand known for crafting exquisite bows for violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Proudly carrying the tradition of four generations, Dorfler infuses every bow with the masterful artistry reminiscent of Tourte, the legendary French bow maker. Each Dorfler Master Bow is meticulously hand-crafted, promising a long life cycle to accompany your musical journey.

Savour the Quality of Pernambuco Wood and Horsehair

The Dorfler Master Bow is synonymous with resilience, flexibility, and perfect weight balance. Each bow features predominantly Pernambuco wood, the only material that meets the strict quality standards set by Dorfler. The bow hair is obtained from the pristine steppes of Central Asia, using natural white horsehair known for its enduring integrity and absence of waviness or rot.

Admire the Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Every Dorfler Master Bow is an epitome of exquisite craftsmanship, adorned with intricate mother-of-pearl and precious metal mountings on a non-porous ebony frog. But Dorfler’s commitment extends beyond manufacturing. The brand is deeply invested in sustainability, supporting reforestation projects of Pernambuco trees and ensuring ethical sourcing practices through its affiliation with the I.P.C.I. Organisation.

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