Hidersine Select Pernambuco Round Violin Bow


  • Full-size (4/4) Pernambuco round violin bow.
  • Enhances sound depth and warmth.
  • Silver wire grip for superior control and responsiveness.
  • Silver-mounted ebony frog for smooth bow strokes.
  • Easy adjustability with silver-mounted button.
  • Perfect for nuanced performances.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Crafted for ultimate music precision.
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Embrace Unparalleled Sound with Hidersine Select

Delve into a world where every note matters. Our Hidersine Select Pernambuco Round Violin Bow delivers a sound experience like no other. Manufactured with a carefully selected Pernambuco round stick, this 4/4 full-size bow brings warmth and depth to your music. It’s time you experienced playing your violin with a bow that delivers unparalleled sound precision.

Unearth Richness in Details with Silver Wire Grip

Every nuance matters in creating exquisite music. Our Hidersine Select violin bow, adorned with a luxurious silver wire grip, ensures just that. Besides adding a touch of elegance, this grip offers firm control, making it perfect for nuanced performances. The grip’s superior conductivity also enhances the bow’s responsiveness, promising a seamless playing experience.

Crafted with Precision: Silver-Mounted Ebony Frog and Button

The epitome of craftsmanship, the Hidersine Select Pernambuco Round Violin Bow features a silver-mounted ebony frog and button. The ebony frog enhances the bow’s balance, ensuring smooth and effortless bow strokes. The silver-mounted button adds to the aesthetics while offering easy adjustability, making your violin playing experience simply sublime.

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