Primavera Composite Violin Bow


  • Ideal choice for beginners and young students
  • Robust blend of carbon fibre and fibreglass
  • Standard with all Primavera violin outfits
  • Designed for comfortable, stress-free handling
  • Stylish half-mounted ebony frog with pearl eye
  • Available in sizes 4/4 to 1/16
  • Provides superior control for confident practice
  • Supports every step of your musical journey
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Your Perfect Learning Companion

Embark on your musical journey with the Primavera Composite Violin Bow. This specially designed bow is the ideal choice for beginners, young students, and their supportive parents. Built from a sturdy mix of carbon fibre and fibreglass, it can withstand the learning phase’s trials and errors, making it virtually ‘student proof’. It comes as a standard with Primavera 150, 200, 200 Antiqued, and Loreato outfits, taking the guesswork out of matching your bow to your violin.

Comfort, Control and Confidence for the New Violinist

Crafted with the needs of a novice in mind, the Primavera Composite Violin Bow provides an excellent balance between comfort and control. The rounded stick fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for smooth, stress-free movement across the strings. The elegant half-mounted ebony frog, graced with a pearl eye, adds a touch of class and motivation for the new violinist. Available in sizes from 4/4 to 1/16, it caters to students of all ages and sizes.

Make the First Steps Count with Primavera

Trust the Primavera Composite Violin Bow to guide you or your child’s first steps into the world of music. Its durable design supports the learning process, while its superior control allows for confident practice and progress. With the Primavera bow, you can focus on nurturing your budding passion for music, knowing you have an instrument designed to enhance your growth and enjoyment at every step.






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