Dorfler Brazil Wood No.7 Violin Bow


  • Masterfully handcrafted by expert German bowmakers
  • Superior Brazilwood round stick for durability and sound quality
  • Fully lined ebony frog for ultimate control and balance
  • Robust three-part button with eye and metal winding for an enhanced grip
  • Exceptional attention to detail for a professional experience
  • Built for a lifetime with effortless rehairing capability
  • Quality, value, and craftsmanship encapsulated in one
  • Weighing a comfortable 62 grams, perfect for beginners to proficient amateurs
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Discover the Unrivalled Craftsmanship of Dorfler Bows

Immerse yourself in the world of sublime sound and experience the very essence of German precision with the Dorfler Brazil Wood No.7 Violin Bow. Hailing from a lineage of expert bowmakers, this is more than just an instrument—it is the manifestation of generations of dedication and skill. The blend of superior materials and immaculate craftsmanship promises a lifetime of musical excellence, propelling you towards the zenith of your musical journey.

Embrace Tradition with Brazilwood and Ebony

The Dorfler No.7 violin bow champions tradition with a robust Brazilwood round stick and fully lined ebony frog, elements treasured by discerning musicians for decades. The exquisite metal winding and the three-part button with an eye inject a dash of modernity into this timeless piece. The amalgamation of tradition and innovation ensures a stellar performance each time the bow graces the strings of your violin.

Choose Quality, Opt for Value with Dorfler

The reputation of Dorfler precedes itself, with each bow proving the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering absolute value. The No.7 Violin Bow is no exception. Unbeatable in quality, each bow is meticulously created, down to the last detail. Not only does this bow outperform its contemporaries, but it is also designed to be rehaired effortlessly, guaranteeing the longevity of your investment.

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