Dorfler No.7a Brazil Wood Violin Bow


  • Unrivalled craftsmanship from Dorfler, made in Germany
  • Quality brazilwood octagonal stick for excellent playability
  • Fully lined ebony frog for an improved grip
  • Elegant three-part button with eye
  • Metal winding for balanced, smooth strokes
  • Handmade bow representing over four generations of expertise
  • Unmatched responsiveness and control
  • Perfect tool for artistic expression

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Unravel the Beauty of Dorfler Craftsmanship

Every artist deserves the finest tools, and the Dorfler No.7a Brazil Wood Violin Bow is the epitome of precision, quality, and artistry. Handmade in Germany, Dorfler bows are the fruit of over four generations of craftsmanship. The bow, expertly crafted from quality brazilwood, features an octagonal stick, a testament to the level of sophistication employed in its creation.

Sublime Harmony between Functionality and Elegance

This violin bow is not just a tool but an extension of the musician’s artistic expression. The fully lined ebony frog does not only give the bow an exquisite appearance but also offers a perfect grip, thus ensuring ease of use. The three-part button with eye detail adds a touch of elegance while enhancing your control, allowing your artistic vision to soar.

Optimal Balance and Responsiveness with the Dorfler No.7a

To meet the demands of a skilled violinist, every feature of the Dorfler No.7a has been thoughtfully considered. The metal winding delivers the necessary balance, making your strokes smoother and more defined. The Dorfler No.7a Brazil Wood Violin Bow offers unmatched responsiveness, a feature that sets it apart in the realm of violin bows.

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