P&H Fibreglass Violin Bow


  • Designed for student players
  • Unique rounded fibreglass stick for excellent balance
  • Easy rehairing system for extended bow lifespan
  • Weather-resistant design for consistent performance
  • Natural white hair for quality sound
  • Durable and resistant to warping
  • Endorsed by educators and students worldwide
  • Lightweight at just 56g
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Unleash Your Potential with the P&H Fibreglass Violin Bow

Take your musical journey to the next level with the P&H Fibreglass Violin Bow. Crafted by P&H, this bow is the perfect choice for students and aspiring musicians. The rounded fibreglass stick provides superior balance and comfort in handling. Endorsed by teachers and students worldwide, this bow is a reliable and cost-effective choice that offers resilience and quality.

Innovative Easy Rehairing Feature for Durability

We at Bass Bags understand that regular rehairing can be a hassle and an extra expense. That’s why we recommend the P&H Fibreglass Violin Bow, which features a unique easy rehairing system. With just a P&H bow hank, you can rejuvenate your bow at home within minutes, significantly extending its lifespan. This isn’t just another bow; it’s a long-term investment in your musical journey.

Consistent Performance, Come Rain or Shine

Never let the weather interrupt your performance again. The P&H Fibreglass Violin Bow, featuring a synthetic stick, resists warping due to changes in humidity, ensuring your bow stays in optimal condition all year round. Its natural white hair assures a consistently high-quality sound. No matter the weather, this bow delivers.





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