Dorfler 192 Pernambuco Violin Bow


  • Expertly handcrafted in Germany.
  • Features aged Pernambuco Octagonal stick for superior resonance.
  • Nickel silver-lined ebony frog for perfect grip.
  • Elegant three-part nickel silver-ebony button with inlaid eyes.
  • Trimmed slide for enhanced flexibility.
  • Parisian eye symbolising attention to detail.
  • Nickel silver winding for durability and finesse.
  • Promises power, precision and elegance in every stroke.
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Unleash the Symphony with Dorfler 192 Pernambuco Violin Bow

Immerse yourself in the world of harmony and melody with the Dorfler 192 Pernambuco Violin Bow. Crafted from Pernambuco, the finest wood for violin bows, it promises not just superior sound, but also durability and finesse. The wood, aged for three decades, gives you an exceptional resonance that’s hard to find. Its octagonal stick brings a level of control and balance, enhancing your overall performance.

German Craftsmanship Meets Exquisite Design

Born in the heart of Germany, this violin bow is a testimony to the incredible craftsmanship and dedication that Dorfler brings. The ebony frog, lined with nickel silver, ensures the perfect grip and seamless playability. The three-part nickel silver-ebony button with inlaid eyes adds a touch of elegance to this exquisite piece of artistry.

Power, Precision and Elegance in Every Stroke

With the Dorfler 192 Pernambuco Violin Bow, every note you play will be full of power, precision and elegance. The trimmed slide gives you the flexibility to create magical soundscapes effortlessly. The Parisian eye on the bow is not just a decorative feature; it’s a symbol of high-quality craftsmanship and the attention to detail Dorfler invests in every piece.

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