Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings

///Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings

Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings


Thomastik Dominant violin strings are regarded as the reference standard with a warm, soft and clear tone, rich in overtones. Dominants are one of the world’s favourite violin strings.


Widely regarded as “the reference standard” Thomastik Dominant violin strings are made with a highly flexible, multi-strand synthetic core. This provides the tonal warmth and the feel of a gut string whilst having the advantage of being impervious to changes in humidity. Their sound is soft and clear with a stable intonation and they are rich in overtones. One of the world’s most popular strings!

Dominant violin strings are almost the default choice of violinists the world over. They are a great quality synthetic core string at an affordable price. In terms of tone, they are comparable to gut strings without the tuning stability problems associated with gut strings. They produce a full, yet mellow, sound with rich overtones. They can take a short time to play in to overcome the slightly metallic sound when they are first fitted to your instrument.

Table of Options

Stock CodeSize Violin String Tension String Type Ball or Loop End Price Quantity Add To Basket
135BS4/4Set of StringsHighSET (129chrome,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
135S4/4Set of StringsHighSET (130,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
135B4/4Set of StringsMediumSET (129chrome,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
1354/4Set of StringsMediumSET (130,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
135BW4/4Set of StringsLowSET (129chrome,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
135W4/4Set of StringsLowSET (130,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
130S4/4E StringHighAluminiumBall£10.32
130MSS4/4E StringHighAluminiumLoop£10.32
129S4/4E StringHighChrome SteelBall£7.08
129MSS4/4E StringHighChrome SteelLoop£7.08
1304/4E StringMediumAluminiumBall£10.32
130MS4/4E StringMediumAluminiumLoop£10.32
129SN4/4E StringMediumCarbon SteelBall£7.08
1294/4E StringMediumChrome SteelBall£7.08
129MS4/4E StringMediumChrome SteelLoop£7.08
130W4/4E StringLowAluminiumBall£10.32
130MSW4/4E StringLowAluminiumLoop£10.32
129W4/4E StringLowChrome SteelBall£7.08
129MSW4/4E StringLowChrome SteelLoop£7.08
131S4/4A StringHighAluminiumBall£13.64
1314/4A StringMediumAluminiumBall£13.64
131W4/4A StringLowAluminiumBall£13.64
132S4/4D StringHighAluminiumBall£18.20
132AS4/4D StringHighSilver WoundBall£19.54
1324/4D StringMediumAluminiumBall£18.20
132A4/4D StringMediumSilver WoundBall£19.54
132W4/4D StringLowAluminiumBall£18.20
132AW4/4D StringLowSilver WoundBall£19.54
133S4/4G StringHighSilver WoundBall£19.54
1334/4G StringMediumSilver WoundBall£19.54
133W4/4G StringLowSilver WoundBall£19.54
135 3/4S3/4Set of StringsHighSET (130,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
135B 3/43/4Set of StringsMediumSET (129chrome,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
135 3/43/4Set of StringsMediumSET (130,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
130 3/43/4E StringMediumAluminiumBall£10.32
130MS 3/43/4E StringMediumAluminiumLoop£10.32
129MS 3/43/4E StringMediumChrome SteelBall£7.08
131 3/4S3/4A StringHighAluminiumBall£12.90
131 3/43/4A StringMediumAluminiumBall£13.62
132 3/4S3/4D StringHighAluminiumBall£18.20
132 3/43/4D StringMediumAluminiumBall£18.20
133 3/4S3/4G StringHighSilver WoundBall£19.54
133 3/43/4G StringMediumSilver WoundBall£19.54
135B 1/21/2Set of StringsMediumSET (129chrome,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
135 1/21/2Set of StringsMediumSET (130,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
130 1/21/2E StringMediumAluminiumBall£10.32
129 1/21/2E StringMediumChrome SteelBall£7.08
129MS 1/21/2E StringMediumChrome SteelLoop£7.08
131 1/21/2A StringMediumAluminiumBall£13.62
132 1/21/2D StringMediumAluminiumBall£18.20
133 1/21/2G StringMediumSilver WoundBall£19.54
135 1/41/4Set of StringsMediumSET (130,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
130 1/41/4E StringMediumAluminiumBall£10.32
129 1/41/4E StringMediumChrome SteelBall£7.08
131 1/41/4A StringMediumAluminiumBall£13.62
132 1/41/4D StringMediumAluminiumBall£18.20
133 1/41/4G StringMediumSilver WoundBall£19.54
135 1/81/8Set of StringsMediumSET (130,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
130 1/81/8E StringMediumAluminiumBall£10.32
129 1/81/8E StringMediumChrome SteelBall£7.08
131 1/81/8A StringMediumAluminiumBall£13.62
132 1/81/8D StringMediumAluminiumBall£18.20
133 1/81/8G StringMediumSilver WoundBall£19.54
135B 1/161/16Set of StringsMediumSET (129chrome,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
135 1/161/16Set of StringsMediumSET (130,131,132,133)Ball£40.30
130 1/161/16E StringMediumAluminiumBall£10.74
131 1/161/16A StringMediumAluminiumBall£14.15
132 1/161/16D StringMediumAluminiumBall£18.95
133 1/161/16G StringMediumSilver WoundBall£20.34

Additional information


4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16

Violin String

Set of Strings, E String, A String, D String, G String


, ,

String Type

SET (130,131,132,133), SET (129chrome,131,132,133), Carbon Steel, Aluminium, Chrome Steel, Silver Wound

Ball or Loop End

Ball, Loop