Pirastro Obligato Viola Strings


  • Modern Synthetic core strings
  • Warm and brilliant sound
  • Big and powerful tone
  • Excellent response
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The Obligato Viola strings set includes:

  • A string, Steel core with an Aluminium winding
  • D and G strings, Synthetic core with silver winding
  • C string, Synthetic core with Tungsten Silver winding

The A strings have a removable ball end to fit both loop and ball fittings. The C, G and D strings all have a ball end.

Pirastro Obligato Viola strings are made with a modern synthetic multifilament core. They produce a warm, full sound and have a brilliant, focused tone. Their playability is excellent throughout their dynamic range and have fantastic tuning stability. They are not affected by temperature or humidity changes.

Viola String

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String Tension

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