Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Viola Strings


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The Evah Pirazzi Viola strings set contains the following strings:

  • A string, Steel core, Chrome steel wound with removable ball end
  • D and G strings are Synthetic core, Silver wound with a ball end
  • C string Synthetic core, Tungsten Silver wound with a ball end

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Viola strings are made with a modern synthetic multifilament fibre core. They offer a powerful, brilliant and colourful sound based on a warm core sound. They have fantastic projection with a wide dynamic range enabling them to emphasise the sound picture of each instrument.

These strings are immediately playable and have superb response throughout their dynamic range. They are impervious to humidity and temperature changes.

These strings are ideal for electric Violas or Violas fitted with a piezo pickup.

Evah Pirazzi Viola String

A String Steel Core, A String Synthetic Core, D String Synthetic, G String Synthetic, C String Synthetic, Set of Strings

String Tension

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