Pirastro Chorda Double Bass Strings

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  • 3/4 Size
  • Orchestra tuning (G D A E)
  • Medium gauge
  • Low tension

Pirastro recommends for use with these strings

Pirastro Bass Rosin Medium

Pirastro Bass Rosin is an opaque yellow soft rosin with good grip. Pirastro developed this style of rosin for double basses so its texture and lightness will complement your instrument's natural sound.

Pirastro Chorda double bass strings are recommended for Baroque bass players and especially suited for pizzicato playing. Made with a sheep gut core. The Chordas are then wound and polished by hand in the traditional way. The G and D strings are just plain gut with the A and E strings being silver wound.

Pirastro Chorda double bass strings have an inspirational warm sound with an enormous dynamic range, they are especially suited for pizzicato and are an authentic string for Early Music.

Chordas have a very low tension and a comfortable left-hand feeling.

GOrchestra Gut Mittel3/422.8we braunsh ohneknoten142100
DOrchestra Gut Mittel3/419.2we rostrotsh ohneknoten142200
AOrchestra Gut/Silver Plated Mittel3/427.3we schwarzsh honiggelbknoten242300
EOrchestra Gut/Silver Plated Mittel3/433.3we dunkelgruensh honiggelbknoten242400
SETOrchestra Mittel3/4242000

Made in Germany by Pirsatro

Double Bass String

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Double Bass Tuning

String Core

String Tension

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