Hidersine Inizio Violin Outfit

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The Hidersine Inizio violin outfit comes complete with a bow and a shaped case. It’s made from laminated spruce and maple, with graphic flame back and ribs. The name Inizio translates as “beginning” or “start” in Italian making this violin aptly named for beginners and students just starting out.


Embrace the Music: Hidersine Inizio Violin Outfit

Begin Your Musical Journey
Embark on an enchanting musical adventure with the Hidersine Inizio Violin Outfit. Designed for aspiring virtuosos and crafted with beginners in mind, this violin outfit is your first step into a world of melodies.

Unparalleled Quality for Learners
Each Hidersine Inizio Violin is meticulously crafted from high-quality tonewoods, ensuring a warm, resonant sound that inspires progress. The outfit includes a lightweight, yet durable, case for easy transport and a bow to begin playing right away.

Comfort Meets Style
With its comfortable chin rest and smooth fingerboard, the Inizio offers an effortless playing experience, perfect for young learners. Its elegant design is not just about looks; it’s a testament to the care put into every violin.

Parent-Approved Durability
Parents, rest assured. The Inizio Violin is built to withstand the enthusiasm of young musicians. Its robust construction means it’s more than a violin; it’s an investment in your child’s musical future.

Join a Community of Musicians
Owning a Hidersine Inizio connects you with a community of fellow musicians and learners. It’s more than an instrument; it’s your child’s ticket to a lifelong love of music.

Facts & Figures

  • Size: Perfectly sized for beginners.
  • Materials: Crafted from select tonewoods for superior sound quality.
  • Accessories: Includes a bow and durable case for protection and mobility.

Ready to Play
Pre-tuned and set up by experts, the Inizio is ready to play from the moment you open the case. Begin your musical journey with confidence and joy.

Your Musical Partner
Whether it’s your child’s first recital or practice at home, the Hidersine Inizio is a reliable companion on this musical voyage. Transform dreams into reality with each note played on this exquisite violin.


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