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Hidersine Vivente Finetune Violin Outfit


Buy the Hidersine Vivente Violin with our expert Luthier setup and strings upgrade options. The Vivente violin outfit comes with a Brazilwood bow and a very smart oblong violin case. Our recommended Luthier setup makes the Violin easier to play and sound so much better.

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The Hidersine Vivente Finetune violin redefines the expectations of a student violin outfit. With the finetune pegs you will never get a sticking or slipping peg again. Based upon a traditional tonal core, these superb student violins will give the beginner the very best introduction to the world of music. Complete with quality octagonal brazilwood bow and oblong violin case.

The difference between this Finetune Vivente and the standard Vivente violin is the tuning pegs. Rather than the traditional ebony pegs, the Finetune version has Wittner Finetune pegs fitted.

Wittner’s Finetune Pegs are a revolution for stringed instrument players. They can be fitted to instruments of any price, replacing the traditional pegs, but retaining the traditional look and feel. Internally geared, eight turns of the peghead converts to one turn of the central spindle, allowing for exact and easy tuning much like a guitar machine head. Finetune pegs always ensure that tuning is simple, fast and accurate, and naturally, they never slip or get stuck. So lesson time can be spent learning rather than tuning.

Hidersine Vivente Finetune Violin Specifications

  • Available in sizes 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8
  • Selected Straight Grained Spruce Table.
  • Graphic Flamed Maple back and Ribs.
  • Ebony pegs and fingerboard.
  • Seasoned maple bridge.
  • Alloy tailpiece comprising 4 integral fine tuners.
  • Supplied in a shockproof rectangular shaped case with detachable straps.
  • Complete with octagonal brazilwood stick bow and Hidersine rosin.

Hidersine Vivente Finetune Violin Options

  • Shop setup: (Free) Just like you’d buy from a general high street music shop.
  • Luthier setup: (+£40) Our expert workshop setup; making the Violin more playable and better sounding. The best choice.
  • Factory Strings: (Free) Violin is strung with the factory strings
  • Upgrade to Dominants: (+£41) Whilst we do your Luthier setup we fit Thomastik Dominant strings to greatly improve the sound of the violin.

Table of Options

Stock CodeSizeSetupStringsPriceQuantityAdd To Basket
3180AL-14/4Luthier Setup (recommended)Factory Strings£275.00
3180ALD-14/4Luthier Setup (recommended)Upgrade to Dominants£316.00
3180A-14/4Shop SetupFactory Strings£235.00
3180BL-13/4Luthier Setup (recommended)Factory Strings£275.00
3180BLD-13/4Luthier Setup (recommended)Upgrade to Dominants£316.00
3180B-13/4Shop SetupFactory Strings£235.00
3180CL-11/2Luthier Setup (recommended)Factory Strings£275.00
3180CLD-11/2Luthier Setup (recommended)Upgrade to Dominants£316.00
3180C-11/2Shop SetupFactory Strings£235.00
3180DL-11/4Luthier Setup (recommended)Factory Strings£275.00
3180DLD-11/4Luthier Setup (recommended)Upgrade to Dominants£316.00
3180D-11/4Shop SetupFactory Strings£235.00

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