Hidersine Bulletwood Round Violin Bow


  • Hidersine Bulletwood Round Violin Bow: your perfect practice partner
  • Crafted from durable, flexible Bulletwood for optimal performance
  • Traditional windings
  • Nickel-mounted Ebony frog enhances balance and responsiveness
  • Designed to help execute complex bowing techniques
  • Adds a sophisticated touch to your violin
  • Lightweight design, weighing just 54g for effortless play
  • Ideal for student violinists aiming for mastery
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Your Perfect Practice Partner: Hidersine Bulletwood Round Violin Bow

Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of learning with the Hidersine Bulletwood Round Violin Bow. Carefully crafted from Bulletwood, this bow combines strength, durability and flexibility, making it an ideal companion for the budding violinist.

Perfecting Your Grip: Traditional Windings

Let the Hidersine Bulletwood Round Violin Bow guide you in mastering the art of handling. With its traditional windings for grip, you can enjoy a firm, comfortable hold as you navigate through your violin practice. It’s designed to help you perform with precision, making even the most complex bowing techniques feel effortless.

Graceful Harmony: The Ebony Frog

Adorned with a Nickel-mounted Ebony frog, the Hidersine Bulletwood Round Violin Bow adds a touch of sophistication to your learning journey. The ebony frog provides a robust, yet delicate interaction point, enhancing the bow’s balance and responsiveness. It’s not just an elegant addition; it’s a functional feature that enriches every note you play.

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