Dorfler Brazil Wood No.6 Violin Bow


  • Precision-crafted from high-quality Brazilwood and ebony
  • Ideal for beginner violinists up to Grade 5
  • Constructed in a distinguished German workshop with generations of bowmaking experience
  • User-friendly design offering optimal playability
  • Half-mounted ebony frog with a pearl eye for an elegant touch
  • Durable round stick with nickel silver lapping and leather thumb grip
  • Long-lasting design that can be rehaired without issue
  • Represents Dorfler’s commitment to quality, value, and superior craftsmanship

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The Unrivalled Craftsmanship of the Dorfler Brazil Wood No.6 Violin Bow

There’s no denying that the Dorfler Brazil Wood No.6 Violin Bow hails from one of Germany’s most distinguished workshops. With its meticulous construction, this remarkable instrument accessory serves as the key to unlocking the full potential of your violin. Crafted from top-tier Brazilwood and ebony, the bow promises both enduring functionality and a sleek, timeless aesthetic. Three generations of master bowmakers have poured their passion and expertise into each Dorfler creation, resulting in an accessory that truly epitomises German precision and craftsmanship.

An Exceptional Choice for Budding Virtuosos

Aimed at learners up to Grade 5, the Dorfler Brazil Wood No.6 Violin Bow is the ultimate tool for students on their musical journey. The simplicity and accuracy of its construction ensures a user-friendly experience, making it the perfect instrument for young talents honing their craft. Offering the standard quality that Dorfler bows have been celebrated for over the decades, this bow guarantees an exceptional introduction to the realm of string music. Embark on your symphonic adventure with the reliability and support that only a Dorfler bow can provide.

The Unique Features of the Dorfler No.6 Violin Bow

The Dorfler No.6 isn’t just any violin bow. It distinguishes itself with a half-mounted ebony frog adorned with a pearl eye, an exquisite detail that enhances both its function and visual appeal. Its robust round Brazilwood stick coupled with a nickel silver lapping and leather thumb grip, allows for comfortable handling and optimal playability. Designed and crafted in Germany, it’s a testament to Dorfler’s reputation for quality, value, and superior craftsmanship.

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