Codabow Prodigy Violin Bow


  • Perfect for students progressing through beginner grades 1 – 3.
  • Features a clear, robust, and even tone for optimal sound.
  • Exceptional balance through a Graphite Diamond Weave design.
  • Enhanced natural sound with Blended Kevlar Acoustic Core.
  • Luxury and sustainability with a Xebony Frog and Tinted Carbon-Fibre Weave Slide.
  • Guarantees a steady, forgiving balance for technical growth.
  • GlobalBow™ certified – Free from endangered species.
  • Includes nickel-silver fittings, Moroccan leather grip, and silver medal horsehair.
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Unleash Your Musical Genius with the Codabow Prodigy Violin Bow

Welcome to the exquisite world of the Codabow Prodigy Violin Bow, a masterpiece crafted with the advancing student in mind. This instrument is a compelling fusion of timeless design, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional performance, meticulously conceived by innovative bow makers and professional tutors. As the ultimate ‘Best in Class’ selection, the Prodigy™ is ideal for students traversing beginner grades 1 – 3, offering an elevating and supportive design to boost your budding musical prowess.

The Prodigy’s clear, robust, and even tone is a testament to its craftsmanship. Designed for on-string forgiveness and comfort, it will inspire the emerging virtuoso, reinforcing your confidence and sparking your passion for music.

Exceptional Design for Unrivalled Performance

Beyond the enchanting melody it creates, the Codabow Prodigy Violin Bow is a marvel of technical design and precision. The Graphite Diamond Weave gives the bow an unprecedented balance between strength and flexibility. This feature, combined with the Medium-Light Weight Profile, contributes to a steady, forgiving balance that facilitates technical growth and enhanced control over time.

The Prodigy doesn’t just sound beautiful – it feels alive in your hands. Thanks to the Blended Kevlar Acoustic Core, each strum resonates with an organic and natural sound, making your violin sing with an unmatched purity of tone. The bow’s Firm Action Profile and Stiff Stiffness Profile ensure a stable string connection, encouraging early exploration of range and articulation.

Luxurious Details for the Discerning Player

The Codabow Prodigy Violin Bow stands as a remarkable testament to our commitment to sustainability without compromising on luxury or performance. Its Xebony Frog, a resourceful alternative to threatened ebony supplies, is adorned with a Tinted Carbon-Fibre Weave Slide, delivering a unique touch of elegance to this handcrafted piece.

This bow comes complete with nickel-silver fittings and winding, a Moroccan leather grip for ultimate comfort, a robust metal alloy tip plate, and a carefully selected silver medal horsehair for exceptional playability. It’s a perfect embodiment of the GlobalBow™ promise – no endangered, regulated, or monitored species are used in its manufacture, ensuring a guilt-free passage through international customs.

In the hands of a determined student, the Codabow Prodigy Violin Bow is a powerful tool. Whether you’re practising a new piece or performing on a grand stage, let this bow be the companion that fuels your musical journey.






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