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Jargar Double Bass Strings

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Most Popular Jargar Double Bass Set of Strings

Jargar Double Bass Set of Strings Medium
Jargar Double Bass 2.1m Ext. E String Forte

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A complete set of four medium tension Jargar double bass strings to fit 3/4 size double basses.


Jargar double bass strings were developed by a member of the Royal Danish Oprea Orchestra who was interested in string quality and sound. He experimented for some time and then started Jargar strings in 1956.

Jargar bass strings produce a big, well-balanced, warm tone. They have great projection, especially in the higher frequencies. They have a very even and similar sound in every position. Harmonics are easily achieved and the tuning stability of these strings is excellent. The Dolce version of these Jargar double bass strings can be tuned up for solo playing. However, the Forte and Medium variants can only be used for orchestra tuning.

These bass strings come in three different tensions; Forte, Medium and Dolce. We sell them as complete sets of strings or singularly

Jargar double bass strings are made in Denmark by Jargar Strings.

Jargar Double Bass String Tensions

 High (Forte)MediumLow (Dolce)
G1.33 mm (27.6 kp)1.31 mm (26.5 kp)1.26 mm (25.6 kp)
D1.65 mm (28.5 kp)1.64 mm (27.2 kp)1.60 mm (26.1 kp)
A2.03 mm (28.1 kp)2.02 mm (28.3 kp)1.98 mm (27.1 kp)
E2.80 mm (32.1kp)2.79 mm (36.2 kp)2.76 mm (31.3 kp)
Ext2.96 mm2.95 mm2.85 mm
Low B (H)3.60 mm (33.3 kp)3.59 mm (34.1 kp)3.50 mm (30.7 kp)

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