Thomastik Belcanto Double Bass Strings

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  • 3/4 Size
  • Great Arco strings with quick response
  • Softer more flexible feeling
  • Very popular for younger players

Belcanto double bass strings by Thomastik Infeld are predominantly an arco double bass string, that many orchestral bassists favour. With their unique steel rope core design, they settle in quickly and intonate exceptionally well.

Belcanto strings have a softer, more flexible feel than most Arco double bass strings making them especially good for younger double bass players with less strength than adults. They are popular for students with many double bass teachers recommending them.

Belcantos have a dark and warm tone with excellent resonance and a wide range of tone colours. They offer great projection with moderate effort. Belcanto Bass strings convince with a quick bow response for arco playing and a natural pizzicato sound for Jazz. Lots of bassists the world over choose Belcanto bass strings as an excellent hybrid choice. Suitable for five-string and C extension fitted basses with low B and C extension Belcanto strings available.

Belcanto double bass strings are designed for 3/4 size double basses with a 104-106 cm (41-41.7″) scale length; However, they have a usable scale length of up to 110cm (43.3″). They all have a steel rope core and are Chrome wound.

Belcanto bass strings are also available in a Solo Tuning variant for one step higher tuning.

Other good Orchestral double bass strings to consider would be Pirastro Flexocor double bass strings.

Thomastik Belcanto Double Bass String Tensions

C1 Extension32.070.6
Low B (H2)29.565.1

Made by Thomastik Infeld in Austria

Double Bass String

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Double Bass Tuning

String Core

String Tension

String Winding


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