Pirastro Flexocor Double Bass Strings

///Pirastro Flexocor Double Bass Strings

Pirastro Flexocor Double Bass Strings


Available in sizes 3/4,1/2,1/4,1/8,1/10 and 1/16 we sell them in sets or as single strings. Pirastro’s Flexocors are predominantly an arco string made on a steel rope core.


Pirastro Flexocor Bass Strings, available as single strings or as a set of four double bass strings, in solo (A-E-B-F#) and orchestral (G-D-A-E) tuning and all sizes from 3/4 down to 1/16 size!

The orchestral tuning Flexocor’s are the most popular and they are predominantly an arco string with a steel rope core.

Table of Options

Stock CodeSize Solo or Orchestra Tuning String / Set Tension Price Quantity Add To Basket
P3410-203/4Orchestra G-D-A-ESet of StringsMedium£192.96
P3410-003/4Solo F#-B-E2-ASet of StringsMedium£192.96
P3411-303/4Orchestra G-D-A-EG StringHigh£44.23
P3411-203/4Orchestra G-D-A-EG StringMedium£44.23
P3412-303/4Orchestra G-D-A-ED StringHigh£45.24
P3412-203/4Orchestra G-D-A-ED StringMedium£45.24
P3413-303/4Orchestra G-D-A-EA StringHigh£54.04
P3413-203/4Orchestra G-D-A-EA StringMedium£54.04
P3414-203/4Orchestra G-D-A-EE StringMedium£61.86
P3415-203/4Orchestra G-D-A-EB5 Low B StringMedium£83.63
P3416-203/4Orchestra G-D-A-EE 2.1m C Ext.Medium£74.40
P3419-203/4Solo F#-B-E2-AC String (High)Medium£41.76
P3411-003/4Solo F#-B-E2-AA1 StringMedium£44.23
P3412-003/4Solo F#-B-E2-AE2 StringMedium£45.24
P3413-003/4Solo F#-B-E2-AB StringMedium£54.04
P3414-003/4Solo F#-B-E2-AF# StringMedium£61.86
P3415-003/4Solo F#-B-E2-AC# StringMedium£83.63
P3410-501/2Orchestra G-D-A-ESet of StringsMedium£192.96
P3411-501/2Orchestra G-D-A-EG StringMedium£44.23
P3412-501/2Orchestra G-D-A-ED StringMedium£45.24
P3413-501/2Orchestra G-D-A-EA StringMedium£54.04
P3414-501/2Orchestra G-D-A-EE StringMedium£61.86
P3410-601/4Orchestra G-D-A-ESet of StringsMedium£192.96
P3411-601/4Orchestra G-D-A-EG StringMedium£44.23
P3412-601/4Orchestra G-D-A-ED StringMedium£45.24
P3413-601/4Orchestra G-D-A-EA StringMedium£54.04
P3414-601/4Orchestra G-D-A-EE StringMedium£61.86
P3410-701/8Orchestra G-D-A-ESet of StringsMedium£192.96
P3410-801/10 - 1/16Orchestra G-D-A-ESet of StringsMedium£192.96

Additional information


3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10 – 1/16

Solo or Orchestra Tuning


String / Set

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Double Bass

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