Spector Violin mute


  • Expertly designed by violin veteran Fred Spector
  • Perfect for quiet practice and intimate performances
  • Compact design that fits between A and D strings
  • Easy to use – simply slide up or down over the bridge
  • Remains discreetly on the instrument when not in use
  • Does not interfere with playing or sound
  • Great for shared living spaces or late-night practice
  • Suitable for all levels of violinists
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Unleash the Power of Subdued Melody

Experience the magic of soft, intimate performances with the Spector Violin Mute. This unique accessory, crafted with precision and expertise, allows you to control your volume with ease. Originally conceived by Fred Spector, a maestro with 45 years of experience in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the mute offers an exquisite blend of design and functionality.

While perfect for quieter practices, the Spector Violin Mute also works wonders when you need to make your performance more personal and closer to the heart. Because in the realm of music, it’s not just about being heard, but also about creating an impact.

Simplistic Design, Outstanding Performance

The Spector Violin Mute sports a compact design that fits neatly between the A and D strings of your violin. Slide it up over the bridge when you need a softer tone, and slide it back down when it’s time to hit the high notes. The beauty of this accessory lies in its simplicity – there’s no fiddling around with complex setups or adjustments.

Even when not in use, the mute remains discreetly on your instrument, without any interference in your playing or overall sound. It’s as if the Spector Violin Mute understands your artistic rhythm and steps aside when it’s time for the crescendo.

Silent Practice, Perfect Execution

Are you living in a shared space? Perhaps you’re a night owl and your practice sessions stretch into the wee hours. With the Spector Violin Mute, you can practise to your heart’s content without disturbing those around you.

It’s not just about reducing the volume, but also about enhancing your concentration. With the reduced noise level, you can focus on perfecting your technique, your timing, and your style. No distractions, just you and your music. It’s the perfect companion for all violinists, from budding enthusiasts to seasoned professionals.

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