Shaped Tourte Mute for Violin


  • Explore the softer side of your violin performance
  • Precision-engineered for secure fastening to A or D strings
  • Smooth sliding over the bridge for sound dampening
  • Rests between bridge and tailpiece when not in use
  • Ideal for orchestral performances and quiet practice
  • Safe rubber material ensures no damage to violin or strings
  • Convenient to handle with easy-to-move tab on top
  • The preferred choice of many violinists for security and versatility
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Unleash the Symphony of Silence with the Shaped Tourte Mute for Violin

Enter a realm of exquisite tranquillity with the Shaped Tourte Mute for Violin. As a sought-after orchestral mute, it’s your gateway to explore the softer, tender side of your violin. This shaped mute isn’t just a tool; it’s an invitation to a symphony of silent expressions, enabling you to delve into the uncharted territories of your musical journey.

Precision-Engineered for an Unmatched Experience

Thoughtfully designed with two openings, the Shaped Tourte Mute can be securely fastened to the A or D string of your violin. Its design ensures it smoothly slides over the bridge, dampening the sound while maintaining the rich essence of your instrument. The mute rests effortlessly between the bridge and tailpiece when idle, ensuring zero interference with your seamless performance.

The Perfect Blend of Versatility and Security

The Shaped Tourte Mute offers an exceptional balance of versatility and security. Be it for an orchestral performance or a quiet practice session, this mute is your dependable partner. Its rubber material is safe for your violin, ensuring it doesn’t harm the instrument or its strings. With an easy-to-move tab on top, you’ll find the mute convenient to handle, making it the preferred choice of many violinists over the round mute.

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