Bech Magnetic Violin Mute

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  • Crafted by renowned professional violinist, Terry Bech.
  • Designed with hi-tech rubber for enhanced durability and flexibility.
  • Unique two-part design ensures fast and secure disengagement.
  • Integral magnets prevent unwanted vibration and loss.
  • Preserves the true voice of your instrument, even when muted.
  • Shields against string abrasion, stickiness, and rosin contamination.
  • Perfect for practice, performance, and perfection of your craft.
  • Your number one companion for an elevated musical experience.
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Unleash Your Mastery with the Bech Magnetic Violin Mute

Immerse yourself in the realm of music like never before with the Bech Magnetic Violin Mute. Born from the brilliant mind of Terry Bech, a renowned professional violinist, this is more than just a mute – it’s a ticket to an elevated musical experience. The supreme hi-tech rubber, designed for longevity and lasting adaptability, ensures a consistently flawless fit on your instrument’s bridge. This unique, cutting-edge design safeguards against string abrasion, stickiness, and the hindrance of rosin contamination.

Fast, Intuitive, and Unparalleled Performance

Experience unparalleled convenience and speed with the Bech Magnetic Violin Mute. Our two-part design includes the rubber mute, perfectly contoured to the bridge and enhanced with an inbuilt magnet. Alongside, a rubber clip designed for your tailpiece, equipped with its own magnet. This innovative approach lets musicians disengage the mute swiftly, accommodating even the quickest of composition changes, and securely affix the mute to the tailpiece clip. The risk of loss is significantly reduced, eliminating resonating noise and ensuring your performance remains undisturbed.

Resonating Excellence with Every Note

The Bech Magnetic Violin Mute is not just an accessory, it’s an essential tool that empowers your instrument to maintain its true voice, even when muted. This robust mute promises the highest calibre of sound, guaranteeing the rich, warm tone of your violin isn’t compromised. Whether you’re practising, performing, or perfecting your craft, trust in the Bech Magnetic Violin Mute to deliver exceptional, resonating excellence with every note.

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