Roth Sihon Violin Mute

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  • Provides medium to heavy muting for versatile use.
  • Easy slide-and-lock mechanism for seamless transitions.
  • Reduces wolf tones for a cleaner sound.
  • Simple application between the tailpiece and bridge.
  • Enhances performance by controlling unwanted sounds.
  • Lightweight and portable for easy transportation.
  • Suitable for all styles of play.
  • Perfect for both practice and performance sessions.
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A Symphony of Silence with Roth Sihon Violin Mute

Discover a new degree of precision in your music with the Roth Sihon Violin Mute. This mute, with its innovative wire design, is a quintessential accessory for every violinist seeking to control their sound. Expertly crafted, it provides effective medium to heavy muting, making it a versatile tool that’s perfect for both practice and performance sessions.

The Roth Sihon Mute is incredibly easy to use, its swift slide-and-lock mechanism ensures a seamless transition from full volume to muted tones. Offering more than just muting, this unique accessory can also help reduce wolf tones, allowing you to create a cleaner, more refined sound.

Uninterrupted Musical Sessions with Easy Application

The Roth Sihon Violin Mute boasts a streamlined design that makes it simple to attach and detach, allowing for swift transitions during your musical journeys. Its flexible design ensures it fits securely between the tailpiece and bridge, ensuring it stays firmly in place throughout your performance.

To fit the mute, all you need to do is bring the A and D strings closer between the tailpiece and bridge, then slide the mute down over them. Once the strings are released, they engage with the mute, securing it in place. For maximum effect during playing, simply slide the mute up to the bridge.

Performance-Enhancing Design for Every Violinist

The Roth Sihon Violin Mute removes the possibility of unwanted sounds, enhancing your performance at every level. By dampening the strings, it reduces the volume of sound, giving you control over your musical expressions.

Its lightweight and portable nature make it an ideal addition to your violin case. This Mute is suitable for all styles of play, encouraging musicians to explore their creative boundaries while maintaining the integrity of their sound.

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