Pirastro Original Flat Chrome Solo Double Bass Strings


  • 3/4 Size
  • Medium Tension
  • Solo Tuning (A E B F#)
  • Fantastic Arco Strings

Pirastro recommends for use with these strings

Pirastro Bass Rosin Medium

Pirastro Bass Rosin is an opaque yellow soft rosin with good grip. Pirastro developed this style of rosin for double basses so its texture and lightness will complement your instrument's natural sound.

Pirastro Original Flat Chrome Solo double bass strings are especially suited to arco playing with a short sustain, producing a very brilliant sound. Favoured by professional orchestral bass players.

With their high tensile rope core made from carbon steel, Pirastro Original Flat Chrome solo have great tuning stability. They have a very quick response under the bow and produce a brilliant well-projected sound with a short sustain, making them ideal for arco playing

  • The core material is a high-tensile rope made from carbon steel which is wound with chrome steel.
  • This is an outstanding set for arco, which can withstand a powerful and heavy bowing arm.
  • A very brilliant sound with a short sustain.
  • Powerful sound with great projection, which is slightly greater than Original Flexocor.
  • Big tone volume.
  • Instantly playable and absolutely stable.
  • Very quick response.

Made in Germany by Pirastro

Double Bass String

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Double Bass Tuning

String Core

String Tension

String Winding

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