Prim Violin Strings

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  • 4/4 Size
  • Low, Medium and High tensions available
  • Quick response
  • Bright and powerful sound
  • Excellent for Bluegrass and Folk music
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A wide range of musicians use prim Violin Strings. Long-lasting, with quick response and a bright, powerful sound they are for example used by students at all levels, in Bluegrass, folk music and many other fields. The strings are available in three gauges;

  • Soft / Low tension
  • Medium tension
  • Orchestra / High tension. Orchestra is the highest tension or heaviest gauge of Prim violin strings.

The Medium gauge suits most instruments well, but be sure to experiment; in many instruments, the best sound is obtained by using a combination of different gauges! All strings have a ball end and are sold as individual strings as well as in sets of strings.

Other Violin strings to consider are D’Addario Helicore for a more complex sound and extra volume in some cases depending on the Violin you fit them on. Another Violin string worth trying, with a similar core, would be Thomastik Prazision.

Prim Strings are made in Sweeden.

Violin String

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