Pirastro Tonica Violin Strings

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  • Vibrant and well-rounded sound
  • Highly responsive to all bowing styles
  • Reduced background hiss for smoother string crossings
  • Adaptable to all instruments with medium string tension
  • Insensitive to temperature and humidity changes
  • Exceptional playability in all positions
  • Upgraded projection and brilliance
  • Improved pianissimo playing
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Unparalleled Sound Quality

Pirastro Tonica Violin Strings offer an unparalleled sound quality that is both vibrant and well-rounded. The nylon core provides the perfect balance across all four strings, allowing for a full and rich tone that responds to any bowing style with ease. This open and direct sound is a delight to both players and listeners, making Tonica Violin Strings a go-to choice for musicians of all levels.

Exceptional Playability and Responsiveness

The playability of Tonica Violin Strings is unmatched. With reduced background hiss, these strings allow musicians to maintain a more even tone, which results in smoother string crossings. The left-hand feel is highly responsive, making these strings easy to play in even the highest positions. From pianissimo to fortissimo, the upgraded projection and brilliance ensure that Tonica Violin Strings perform exceptionally in any setting.

Adaptable and Reliable Performance

Designed with versatility in mind, Pirastro Tonica Violin Strings are suitable for all instruments due to their medium string tension. Additionally, these strings are insensitive to temperature and humidity changes, making them a reliable choice for musicians who perform in various environments. Compared to similar strings like D’Addario Pro Arte Violin Strings, Tonica Violin Strings stand out as a top choice for any violinist.


4/4, 3/4 – 1/2, 1/4 – 1/8, 1/16 – 1/32

Tonica Violin String

A Aluminium Wound, D Aluminium Wound, D Silver Wound, E Aluminium Wound (Ball End), E Aluminium Wound (Loop End), E Silvery Steel (Ball End), E Silvery Steel (Loop End), G Silver Wound, Set (With E ball)





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