Perpetual Solo Double Bass Strings


  • Solo Tuning Strings
  • Chrome steel wound strings on a high-tensile steel rope core.
  • Delivers tremendous projection and exceptional clarity.
  • Engineered for precise, punchy pizzicato and complex, stable arco.
  • Minimal effort for energetic output.
  • Rapid break-in time with excellent stability.
  • Perfect for Solo Bass material.
  • Radiates colourful tones with a clean, consistent attack.
  • Offers a wonderful singing quality and wide dynamic range.
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Unleash the Power of Sound with Perpetual Solo Double Bass Strings

Experience an unparalleled combination of power, precision, and dynamic flexibility with Pirastro Perpetual Solo Double Bass Strings. These magnificent strings deliver a riveting sonic experience that resonates with both pizzicato and arco players. With a uniquely designed high-tensile steel rope core, these strings are made to render sound that enchants and captivates.

Every pluck on these chrome steel wound strings promises tremendous projection and crystalline clarity. The focused low end weaves a powerful base, perfectly complementing a full, sophisticated upper register. This harmonious fusion of tones results in an enriched musical performance, bound to leave listeners spellbound.

Precision Paired with Punch – The Pizzicato Prodigy

Perpetual Solo Double Bass Strings are an ode to the pizzicato technique. The strings respond to every touch with consistent precision and a punchy attack, especially on the lower strings. The energy is palpable, requiring minimal effort and rewarding you with a juicy right-hand feel, making them the perfect choice for players seeking an effortless and vibrant playing experience.

But the magic doesn’t stop at pizzicato. With their high articulation and resistance to brittleness, these strings ensure a strong, complex, and stable response under the bow. The result is a well-rounded string set that masters the nuances of pizzicato while delivering an equally impressive arco performance.

The Solo Set: Your Partner for a Profound Arco Experience

For those seeking an arco classical string that works harmoniously with Solo Bass material, look no further than the Perpetual Solo Set. Radiating colourful tones, projecting an immersive sound, and presenting a consistently clean attack, these strings are a concert virtuoso’s dream.

The Solo Set is engineered for a seamless transition from a rich, warm foundation to a wonderful singing quality, making your instrument sing like never before. This unique attribute, combined with its excellent stability, makes it an irresistible choice for arco players yearning for a precise, clear tone across a wide range of dynamics.

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