Hidersine Case Polycarbonate Violin Oblong Brushed Silver


Hidersine Lightweight Violin Case That Will Fit Violins From 1/2 to 4/4 Size.

  • Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell
  • Brushed Silver Satin Finish.
  • Adjustable support pad will support violins from 1/2 to 4/4 size.
  • L:80 x W:26 x D:15cm, 2.1kg
  • Adjustable Velcro Support Pad
  • Detachable Shoulder Straps
  • Side Handle
  • Internal detachable Compartment
  •  4 Bow Holders
  • Outer Zipped Pocket
  • Neck Restraint
  • Fleece Lining with Blanket
  • Padded Supports
  •  2 Closing Clasps

Hidersine Lightweight Violin Case.

This lightweight polycarbonate violin case is finished in a pleasing brushed  silver effect finish. Having adjustable support pads internally you can use this case for violins ranging from 1/2 to 4/4 in size. With the option to use the detachable shoulder straps or side handle gives you a range of options for carrying your violin, to your lesson, orchestra or gig with ease. There is plenty of storage with 4 bow holders, an internal compartment and an outer zipped pocket to use that will fit your music in.




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