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D’Addario Natural Light Rosin


  • All-natural ingredients for a high-quality, sustainable product
  • Suitable for horsehair or synthetic bows
  • Unique plastic channel design for easy handling
  • Compact size and packaging for easy storage and transport
  • Premium performance at a great value
  • Manufactured in D’Addario’s New York facility with the highest quality standards
  • Can be used to Refill D’Addario Natural Light Rosin and Guard.

Experience premium performance at a great value with D’Addario Natural Light Rosin. Made from all-natural ingredients and suitable for use with both horsehair and synthetic hair bows, this rosin is designed to help you achieve superior bow control and a smooth, clear tone.

The unique plastic channel provides an easy grip for students, making it an ideal choice for beginner and intermediate players. Packaged to fit nicely into instrument cases, D’Addario rosin is easy to transport and always on hand when you need it. This rosin is also a refill option for the D’Addario Rosin Guard making it a convenient and affordable replenishment.

D’Addario Natural Light Rosin offers premium performance at a great value, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious musicians who don’t want to compromise on quality. Made with the highest quality materials and production standards in D’Addario’s New York facility, you can trust that this rosin will help you achieve the best possible performance.

Additionally, the light formula of the rosin is designed to produce a balanced sound with a bright, focused tone that’s perfect for violin playing across all genres of music. This can help players to achieve the desired sound and expression in their playing, whether they’re performing classical, folk, or contemporary music.

Overall, D’Addario Natural Light Rosin offers a high-quality, sustainable product that is designed to enhance the player’s overall sound quality and tone production, making it an excellent choice for beginner, intermediate, and professional violin players looking to improve their playing.

Invest in your music with D’Addario Natural Light Rosin and experience the difference that a high-quality rosin can make to your playing. Whether you use it on its own or as a refill for the D’Addario Natural Light Rosin & Guard product, this rosin is the perfect choice for achieving a clean, vibrant sound that resonates with your audience.

D’Addario also offers a dark version of the rosin that is used predominantly by viola and cello players.





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