Wittner Ultra Violin Tailpiece with Adjusters


  • High-tech composite material for enhanced sound
  • Suitable for violin sizes 4/4 to 1/16
  • Four built-in string adjusters for easy tuning
  • Black screws and nylon tailgut for stability
  • Unparalleled resonance and tonal clarity
  • Hassle-free string adjustments
  • Durable, long-lasting design
  • Boosts your violin’s performance
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Unleash the Symphony Within with Wittner Ultra Violin Tailpiece

The Wittner Ultra Violin Tailpiece with Adjusters is an embodiment of acoustic perfection, crafted to enhance the tonal landscape of your violin. This high-tech marvel, made from a cutting-edge composite material, is an instant upgrade to your instrument’s resonance and tonal clarity. The result is a sound that’s richer, more harmonious, and altogether more alive. Its versatility shines through with its compatibility across a range of violin sizes, from the full-sized 4/4 to the petite 1/16.

Transform Your Performance with Built-in String Adjusters

Equipped with four ingenious built-in string adjusters, the Wittner Ultra Violin Tailpiece empowers you to make pinpoint adjustments to your strings. The inclusion of black screws and a sturdy nylon tailgut ensures a secure fit, granting you the freedom to concentrate solely on your performance. With each refined adjustment, you unlock new musical possibilities, allowing your violin to sing in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

Reliability That Resounds with Every Note

The Wittner Ultra Violin Tailpiece with Adjusters is a testament to the virtues of German engineering: precision, durability, and consistency. Its robust build guarantees lasting quality and unwavering performance. Rest easy knowing that your Wittner tailpiece is designed to weather countless hours of passionate play, letting you confidently deliver your best performance, time after time.


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