Wittner Light Alloy Violin Tailpiece with Adjusters


  • Premium light alloy construction
  • 4 integrated fine-tuners
  • Durable black screws
  • Nylon tailgut for added stability
  • Enhances instrument resonance
  • Easy installation & compatibility
  • Perfect for violins of all sizes
  • Designed for professional performance
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Unparalleled Tone & Resonance

The Wittner Light Alloy Violin Tailpiece with Adjusters is meticulously designed to deliver an unparalleled tonal enhancement to your instrument. Crafted from premium light alloy, this tailpiece maintains the ideal weight balance for your violin and improves its resonance, allowing you to experience a richer, more nuanced sound.

Effortless Tuning & Stability

Equipped with four integrated fine-tuners, the Wittner Light Alloy Violin Tailpiece makes tuning a breeze. The durable black screws ensure excellent stability and precise adjustments, while the nylon tailgut offers added support and durability. With this tailpiece, you can be confident that your violin will stay in tune throughout your performance.

Professional Performance & Compatibility

Designed with professional violinists in mind, the Wittner Light Alloy Violin Tailpiece offers exceptional performance and compatibility. It is specifically engineered for all sizes of violins, ensuring a seamless fit and easy installation. Transform your instrument and elevate your playing experience with this indispensable accessory.


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