Warchal Amber Viola Strings

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When Warchal created their new Amber strings they used all of their experience and knowledge to make the highest quality string set. Warchal’s aim was to achieve at least the same quality of sound that gut strings provide, but without the typical tuning instability. To be able to do this they have developed a completely new core material called W-Core®.

Synthetic as well as metal core A strings are available. The metal core A string benefits from Warchal’s helix design which gives the metal core exceptional elasticity and results in a new level of sound quality. The synthetic core A string and the rest of the set uses their new W-Core® material.

The Amber string set is complemented by an exceptionally beautiful and luxurious silk winding design which is a jewel for your instrument.


38-39.5 cm, 36-38 cm

Warchal String / Set

Set with Synthetic A, Set with Steel A Ball End, Set with Steel A Loop End, A String Synthetic (Ball End), A String Steel (Ball End), A String Steel (Loop End), D String Synthetic, G String Synthetic, C String Synthetic


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