Pirastro The Jazzer Double Bass Strings


  • 3/4 Size
  • Standard Orchestral Tuning (G D A E)
  • Medium Tension

Pirastro recommends for use with these strings

Pirastro Bass Rosin Medium

Pirastro Bass Rosin is an opaque yellow soft rosin with good grip. Pirastro developed this style of rosin for double basses so its texture and lightness will complement your instrument's natural sound.

Pirastro The Jazzer double bass strings have a core material that is a high-tensile rope made from carbon steel which is wound with chrome steel. They are a modern jazz string, which can also be bowed. The Jazzers have a very quick response and a bright, powerful sound with a long sustain, they’re a versatile string with a complex sound. These strings are instantly playable and have great tuning stability.

Made in Germany by Pirastro

Double Bass String

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Double Bass Tuning

String Core

String Tension

String Winding

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