Larsen Il Cannone Soloist Violin Strings


  • 4/4 Size
  • Warm and Broad or Direct and Focused A string options
  • A, D and G strings have Synthetic core
  • E String is Carbon Steel with removable ball end
  • Open, colourful, projecting, richer and powerful sound
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Larsen Il Cannone Soloist violin strings celebrate Paganini’s legacy with what we believe to be a truly revolutionary sound.

In the design and development process at Larsen Strings, they always aim to produce the exceptional but it is only during the testing and trial process with hands-on musicians that they can truly know for certain. And they would seem to have succeeded. The feedback from musicians has confirmed that playability and feel on the fingerboard is excellent, with good resistance to the bow.

Designed to bring out the best in your violin, Il Cannone individual strings and sets are available as two versions. The Medium variant has a more moderate tension with an open, colourful, projecting, richer and powerful sound whilst the Soloist brings a fuller tone, with even more presence and focus.

Descriptions of the sound that our Il Cannone sets deliver include: ‘Noble and powerful. A biting tone with real punch. Highly colourful with many intricate harmonics. Clear. Open. Brilliant. A very fast and easy response especially in spiccato.‘

The Il Cannone E string, now available with a removable ball end, is made using unique carbon steel, while the A, D and G strings build on a new, synthetic multi-filament core. The A string is wound with precision rolled aluminium flat wire and the D and G strings are wound with pure silver.

Larsen Il Cannone Soloist A String Options

During the development phase of Il Cannone violin with musicians, Larsen identified two trends in terms of player response. One group of violinists preferred the directness and focus of a set using one prototype A. Whilst the other group chose the warmer and broader feel of an alternative A variant.

Larsen Violin String

Set (With Warm & Broad A), Set (With Direct & Focused A), E String (Removable Ball End), A String (Warm & Broad), A String (Direct & Focused), D String, G String



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