Knilling Perfection Planetary Cello Pegs


These planetary pegs are geared on a 4:1 ratio which eliminates the need for fine tuning adjusters. Professional fitting is recommended.

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Ease of Tuning

Most players will admit that tuning with the friction peg leaves a lot of room for improvement. String adjusters add mass where it should not be, can be difficult to use, and can damage the instrument. Also in the end they do not address the problem of a slipping or stuck peg. A long lasting solution would require care and consideration for tradition,  the instrument’s structure, and for the musician. This basic idea lies behind the creation, and Knilling’s support, of these remarkable planetary pegs.

We understand that the introduction of a new system for tuning, no matter how good, or how revolutionary, takes time. However, due to the extraordinary set of tuning and maintenance problems they solve for players, educators, and retailers who serve them, acceptance and demand for Perfection Planetary Pegs has become widespread, and its usage by professionals and students alike expanding exponentially. The Perfection planetary peg mechanism is now in growing demand for use on an expanding list ordinarily friction pegged instruments.

In the string world, changes in the instrument’s music, methodology, and making, are often challenged before they are embraced. With the shift away from gut strings, the raise in pitch, and the introduction of the steel strings, our tuning mechanism has undergone changes as well, quite notably the introduction of metal string adjusters to the tailpiece. However, a satisfactory solution to slipping or sticking pegs remained unresolved… until the introduction of the revolutionary Perfection Planetary pegs.

Key Features of Planetary Pegs

  • Stable tuning
  • Excellent tuning accuracy
  • Complete instrument safety
  • Long term reliability
  • Reduced instrument maintenance
  • Improved sound production

Planetary Pegs Eliminate

  • String slippage
  • Peg sticking
  • The need for fine tuners
  • Tuner scratches

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Note: This product requires professional fitting with specialist tools, please contact us for more details.

Note: Please check the peg diameter (12mm) is suitable for your instrument.

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