K&M Concert Light


  • 6 ultra-bright, energy-efficient LEDs for optimal visibility
  • Two distinct brightness levels to suit your preferences
  • Anti-glare shield for focused illumination and minimal distractions
  • Adjustable gooseneck for personalized positioning and flexibility
  • Robust clip for secure grip on music stands
  • Package includes 3 AAA batteries, a power supply, and a stylish carrying case
  • Compatible with magnet holder 12256 for conversion into a stand light (sold separately)
  • Perfect for musicians of all levels and genres
  • Enhances visibility in dimly-lit environments, improving performance quality
  • Compact and portable design, ideal for travelling musicians and rehearsals
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Introducing the K&M Concert Light – A Brilliant Solution for Music Enthusiasts

Elevate your musical performances with the K&M Concert Light, a sophisticated orchestra light showcasing six ultra-bright, energy-efficient LEDs. This exceptional light ensures optimal visibility for your sheet music, even in dimly lit environments.

The package includes 3 AAA batteries, a power supply, and a stylish carrying case, perfect for musicians on the move. The K&M Concert Light comes with a convenient switch that offers two distinct brightness levels, enabling you to personalize your lighting experience to match your preferences.

Thoughtfully engineered to minimize distractions, the K&M Concert Light is equipped with an anti-glare shield that focuses the light beam precisely on your sheet music. This innovative feature ensures that you can concentrate on your performance without disturbing your fellow musicians or audience members.

The adjustable gooseneck enables you to customize the light’s position to accommodate your specific needs, providing ultimate flexibility and ease of use. The K&M Concert Light’s robust clip guarantees a secure grip on music stands, ensuring stability and dependability throughout your performance.

For added adaptability, the K&M Concert Light can be transformed into a stand light by using the magnet holder 12256 (sold separately). Enhance your passion for music with the K&M Concert Light – an essential accessory for musicians at any level.


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