Hidersine 3C Cello Rosin


  • Dark Amber Cello Rosin
  • Medium size
  • On a traditional cloth
  • Most popular cello rosin

Made in England, Hidersine 3C Cello Rosin is a very popular, specially formulated for cello, premium rosin.

Hidersine 3C Cello Rosin has been designed specifically for Cello bows to the original recipe using a unique blend of waxes and resins.

This is a very popular rosin and one of our biggest selling cello rosins for students upwards. Most of our Rental Cellos leave us with a box of Hidersine 3c in the pocket. Hidersine also makes a Deluxe Cello Rosin version that is as equally as popular.

  • Dark amber Cello rosin
  • Medium size rosin cake
  • On a traditional cloth
  • Approx 20 gram
  • Presented in a protective, easy-open box.
  • Made in the UK by Hidersine

In 1876 whilst on a research project in London, Dr Hider, a Swiss scientist and keen violinist, introduced a ‘new’ bowed instrument rosin to a few close friends and players. It was so well received that soon demand outstripped supply. Under great pressure to meet this demand, Dr Hider decided to set up manufacture in East London. Today Hidersine rosin is in demand worldwide and is true to Dr Hider’s original recipes.

Weight0.18 kg
Dimensions4.5 × 4.5 × 3 cm



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