CodaBow Marquise GS Viola Bow


Pioneers in the industry, CodaBow combines award-winning design inspired by centuries of tradition with the performance and durability of modern technology. Whether a passionate beginner or seasoned professional, CodaBow continues to develop the most ground-breaking and popular models played by professional musicians worldwide.

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Model Type: Master Model

The Gold Standard

Inspired by centuries of tradition and decades of fine bow making experience, the MARQUISE GS is the Gold Standard of master bows.

Designed by the leaders of advanced bowmaking, the GS delivers exquisite handling and expressive sound once reserved only for the finest master bows. Uni-directional carbon fibre extends continuously from button to tip for heightened response and sensitivity.

Expertly blended advanced and organic fibres offer a tonal vibrancy and resonance unprecedented by any other carbon fibre bow.

Supple in the hand and vibrant to the ear, the MARQUISE GS appeals to professional players more than any other and is the clear choice as the standard-bearer of the MARQUISE Experience.

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Ideal for players progressing through Intermediate / Advanced Grades 5 – 8. View the CodaBow Pedagogical Approach here for more information. 

Tone Colour: Vibrant, Rich, Expressive

Balance Profile: Centre-Frog Balanced

Weight Profile: Medium-Heavy

Action Profile: Moderate-Supple

Stiffness Profile: Medium-Soft

What advantage will this bow give me?

  • Balanced response to the finest motor technique permits full, layered, rich expression.
  • Supple, deep string connection and sensitivity allows most nuanced tonal artistry.

Features & Benefits of this Codabow:

  • Advanced & Organic Fibres: Inspired by centuries of tradition and decades of fine bow making experience, the GS delivers exquisite handling and expressive sound once reserved only for the finest master bows. Both advanced and organic fibres expertly blended bestow natural response, sensitivity, and beauty.

  • 100% Kevlar Acoustic Core: The Pure Kevlar acoustic core fibres which run through the bow helps to provide more power in the bowing action, whilst still offering the natural sensitivity and tonal characteristics of fine Pernambuco wood.
  • In-Touch™ Technology: In-Touch™ Technology uses unidirectional carbon fibres running from button to tip. The bi-lateral positioning of the fibres connects the player precisely to the tip and transmits their energy directly to the violin. This architecture enhances lateral stability, offers superior tracking, and gives exceptional response. More supple than its Diamond cousins, the bow appeals to players seeking experience in the finest French tradition.
  • Identity: Each Marquise has its own unique identification number. When registered with Codabow, this number will activate the lifetime warranty, and entitle the original owner to a complement of priority workshop services, including rehairing, model upgrades, and customisation.
  • Crafted from Xebony: XEBONY® is an elegant solution to the world’s endangered supply of instrument-grade Ebony. Comprised of organic fibres and resin, XEBONY® boasts a rich lustre and natural grain that impresses players and bow makers alike. Stronger and more durable than natural Ebony, XEBONY® offers improved performance while conserving our endangered resources.
  • GlobalBow™: Contains no endangered, regulated, or monitored species (wildlife or fauna), and pass freely through international Customs so players avoid the travel concerns of traditional bows.
  • Sterling Silver Fittings
  • Sterling Silver Winding
  • Moroccan Leather Grip
  • Fibre-Reinforced Composite Tip Plate
  • Gold Medal Stallion Hair

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