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The full range of Wolf Shoulder rests for Violin and Viola including Forte Primo, Forte Secondo, Standard Primo, Standard Secondo and Super Flexible models.

If your looking for spare parts for your Wolf shoulder rest you can buy them here: Wolf Shoulder Rest Spares

A Brief History of Wolf Shoulder Rests

Willy Wolf started hand making Wolf shoulder rests in 1964 at his house in Amsterdam. He used his colleagues in the Utrecht symphony orchestra to help him develop his Wolf shoulder rests.

In 1967 Willy Wolf moved to Utrecht where he produced his first Forte shoulder rests in his garden shed. In 1974 he moved from his garden shed to a purpose built working space built at his home in Vleuten. This new space enabled him to develop his ideas and products.

Willy Wolf took distance from his company in 1993 and let his two sons Arthur and Robert take over. Each at their separate locations, one for the production of the needed parts, and the other to assemble these parts and ship them all over the world. In 2005 Arthur left the company and since then it has been and is run by Robert along with his wife, Simone. Since then the company has made a fresh start with a new company branding, new personnel, new products and new ways of making these products.


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