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Find your perfect French Pattern Double Bass Bow from our great selection of French bows for sale.


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  • Double Bass Bow French Pattern Frog
  • Hidersine Double Bass Bow 4:4 Brazilwood Out of stock
  • Double bass bow, brazilwood
    Double Bass Bows

    Double Bass Bow, Brazilwood

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  • Primavera Double Bass Bow Frog bb050
    Double Bass Bows

    Primavera Double Bass Bow

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  • Round brazilwood stick, half mounted ebony frog, French pattern, made in Romania
  • Hidersine Double Bass Bow 1:8 - 3:4 size Brazilwood Octagonal
  • Primavera Composite bass bow frog
    Double Bass Bows

    Primavera Composite Bass Bow

    £130.00 Select options
  • BB001 Concertante brazilwood double bass bow Out of stock
  • Hidersine Double Bass Bow 4/4 Carbon Fibre French Pattern
  • BB018 LG Chen carbon fibre weave double bass bow
  • Col Legno double bass bow french pattern Out of stock
  • Knoll double bass bow brazilwood German Pattern 1641GC
  • Double bass bow, pernambuco, pearl inlay
  • Double Bass Bow Peccate Model
    Double Bass Bows

    Double Bass Bow Peccate Model

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  • CodaBow Revelation Double Bass Bow - French Style
  • Arcus S3 Double Bass Bow Out of stock
  • CodaBow Infinity Double Bass Bow (French)
    Double Bass Bows

    CodaBow Infinity Double Bass Bow (French)

    : £1,102.80
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  • Arcos Schaeffer Double Bass Bow Frog

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