Oliv Stiff Viola G String 4/4 High Gold-silver


Pirastro Oliv Viola Strings – The noble sound of fine handmade gut strings, with a brilliant sound and wide range of sound colours.

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The sheep gut core of the Oliv strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand.
The sound is brilliant. Oliv strings offer the typical beautiful sound of gut strings.
The tone is rich and complex.
Altering the gauge by 1/4 PM changes the tension by 3%.


D-silver: brilliant sound rich with overtones with an easy response.
Version „Stiff“: D-gold-aluminum.
G-gold-silver; C-wolfram-silver.
For further information see: Oliv-Steif.
C-string Eudoxa-Oliv: powerful, warm sound with an easy response.

Tailpiece Options

A- and D-strings have a ball-end.
G- and C-strings have a knot.



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String Tension

String Winding

Viola String

String Core


Scale Length

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