JP010CH John Packer C Flute Kinder Model In Silverplate

///JP010CH John Packer C Flute Kinder Model In Silverplate

JP010CH John Packer C Flute Kinder Model In Silverplate


Ideal for young players the John Packer JP010CH flute is smaller in size to a regular flute and features reduced keywork to make children’s learning easier.

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The JP010CH C Flute has been specially designed with the younger player in mind. The instrument features a curved head joint and its reduced size enables smaller players to easily reach all the keys and to centralise the weight. Being smaller, it’s also lighter and is ideal for young players and those moving from the fife who aren’t yet big enough for a standard size model. The JP010CH ensures younger players can maintain the correct posture while playing and provides a reliable instrument with accurate tuning.

The JP010CH C Flute features a reduced keywork system to encourage rapid progression in younger students. With real experience about the challenges that both student and teacher face in the maintenance of student instrument, the JP010CH case enables the flute to be stored with the head joint attached. This reduces the risk of accidental assembly damage.

The instrument is supplied with a lightweight case that is well-designed and attractively styled with eye-catching colours and a reflective safety strap. A comfortable shoulder strap is included as standard. The case enables the instrument to be stored in an assembled layout.

Manufactured to a high-quality standard as is expected with all JP Instruments, The JP010CH C Flute is guaranteed for 24 months against faulty manufacturing or materials and is fully tested before sale.


C Flute (Silver Plate)

JP010CH Specification:

  • Key: C
  • Headjoint: Curved
  • Keywork: Silver plated reduced keywork system
  • Finishes: Silver plate
  • Supplied with: Lightweight case