Bassoon Balance Hanger by Bass Bags

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Our balance hanger changes where your sling attaches to the bassoon to alter it’s balance and is endorsed by the Performing Arts Medicine Association.

Bass Bags Bassoon Balance Hanger

Our bassoon balance hangers are handmade by us in England from high-quality brown leather.

Our balance hanger requires no modification to the bassoon OR specialist fitting and helps bassoonists reduce the weight of the instrument on their left hand whilst playing. It achieves this by altering the balance point of the bassoon. Changing where the neck strap or sling connects to the bassoon distributes the bassoon’s weight more evenly and makes the bassoon ergonomically better to play.

The balance hanger is adjustable with three pre-set positions varying the distance from the bassoon’s strap/sling connector. The strap that goes around the bassoon is also adjustable with four pre-set lengths.

This balance hanger will fit any bassoon and can be moved from instrument to instrument quickly and easily. It’s not reliant on any additional permanent fixing to the bassoon avoiding the necessity of drilling holes, sticking or gluing parts to the bassoon.


Performing Arts Medicine Product Endorsement

“The Bass Bags Leather Balance Hanger for Bassoon is an easy way to modify the balance of the instrument for improved ease of play.”

-Dr. M. Austin, PPDPT, MPT, B.Kin, Performing Arts Physical Therapist


Instructions For Use:

Fit the split ring onto the ring that takes the neck strap hook on the bassoon. The thin leather strap goes round the back of the bassoon (under the key work) and does up with the buckle in front of the instrument facing the player. The hook from the neck strap will then hook into the new D-ring at the top of the balance hanger.

The balance hanger can be adjusted to achieve optimum balance by choosing one of the three pre-set positions. To adjust the balance hanger simply undo the metal screw and reposition it into one of the other position holes provided in the leather strap. We include a second Nylock nut so that you can try out different settings with the first, then when you have found your ideal setting use the new second Nylock nut to ensure it locks onto the machine screw securely.

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