Arcus S3 Double Bass Bow French Pattern

///Arcus S3 Double Bass Bow French Pattern

Arcus S3 Double Bass Bow French Pattern


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Arcus S3 Double Bass Bow French Pattern

The Arcus S3 double bass bow is a fantastic carbon fiber bow for bassists who are looking for a really good bow at a reasonable price. It’s mounted in nickel/stainless steel and silver and its snakewood frog gives it a most elegant appearance. The Arcus S3 double bass bow is a bow you can truly rely on for decades to come and you will always enjoy playing it.


The perfect bow can not be much heavier than a baroque bow. Not only Bach and Vivaldi, but also Mozart, Schubert or Mendelsohn demand a fast, but at the same time elegant play, which is almost impossible to achieve with a heavy bow. There is not only the inertia of the bow, but also the relatively slow response where a crisp articulation is asked for. Until now the problem was that all light bows were too soft to pull the necessary power out of the instruments to fill a large hall with sound, but also to allow a strong execution of double stops.


What is the cause for a tired bow arm after some hours of playing? Or why does the thump of elbow hurt? We have identified the source of these problems in the vibration of the bow stick: Low-frequency vibrations in the bow sticks. Their frequency is not audible for us, but correlates with resonances in hand an arm. The Arcus bows are tuned much higher and avoid these dangerous frequencies completely. For many players, an Arcus bow has solved their problems for good. In addition, the non-slip surface of the stick and their light weight allow you to hold the bow with great ease. All combined you can play with an Arcus bow more easy and relaxed than with any other.

Materials and Manufacture

The Pernambuco tree is an endangered species and trading the wood is strictly limited. During the last century, the search for alternative materials was on, but the results have not been very convincing. Either the bows would be even heavier, or the sound or resiliency were lacking. In carbon fiber, we have found just the ideal material, but to use it to its best effect it requires a rather intricate technology, a complete understanding of the underlying physics and plenty of highly skilled workmanship.


A fine bow should be a pleasure for its owner for many years. It should not be fragile, but sound in its materials. The Arcus S3 double bass bow will retain its value, look nice and play well even after intense use. Although Pernambuco is a very strong wood, still most bows that we made over time have been lost to wear and cracks. An Arcus bow, on the other hand, is completely immune against “normal” wear from hand moisture or hard playing. Plus they will survive most accidents as they happen so often in the orchestra pit, on stage, during lessons or a million other occasions. That is why all Arcus bow sticks come with a 30 year warranty.


Since 2009 all Arcus bows are made entirely in Würzburg, Germany from the finest available materials and with utmost care and under rigorous quality control. These bows are made to last virtually forever and survive most accidents as they might happen in the most cramped orchestra pit, on stage or during teaching. European law allows us to only offer a 30-year warranty for the bow stick.

The tip plate, frog and button are also of the best possible quality and we offer a warranty of 2 years for these parts. The bow hair, the thump leather, the winding, the screw and eye are subject to normal wear and tear and are therefore excluded from any warranty.

Every warranty claim must be directed towards the original seller. Should that not be possible, please get in touch with the Arcus distributor in you country. Otherwise please contact us directly to inform us of the damage and its circumstances. We will then inform you about the further procedure.

The warranty applies only under regular playing conditions. Should a bow be damaged under special circumstances, please get in touch with us. We will try to offer you a repair or replacement at especially favorable conditions.

Any warranty expires when substantial changes are made to the bow, especially the attempt to change the curve of the stick, which is absolutely impossible. Any damage that is caused during unqualified work on rehairing the bow is also excluded.

You can view the Arcus website here: Arcus Bows

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