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We stock a full range of Jargar Strings for sale listed below.

Jargar Strings are very popular for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.

Here is a brief history from jargar-strings.com

“About 1950 Danish cellist Jarl Hansen wanted more from his cello than gut strings could provide. As a member of the Royal Danish Opera Orchestra he became increasingly interested in string quality and sound, and for years he experimented in his spare time – until 1956, when he was ready to start his own company, Jargar Strings.”

“What Jarl Hansen developed was a steel core based string, wound with thin threads of pure or alloyed metal. These new strings had a warm and brilliant tone and furthermore much greater stability, durability and strength than gut strings. These qualities quickly made Jargar strings highly popular throughout the classical music world and still Jargar provides musicians around the world with handmade, powerful and uniquely responsive strings.”

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