Discontinued: Larsen Crown Cello Strings

Larsen Crown Cello Strings

Larsen Crown cello strings have been discontinued and superseded by Larsen Aurora cello strings.

Alternatives to Crown Cello Strings

Here are some alternative cello strings to consider and their advantages:

Alternatively, you can browse our full range of cello strings for sale for strings to suit your needs.

About Larsen Crown Cello Strings

Available in sets or as single strings, they were billed as the first step on the Larsen journey, beginning with Crown for cello. Providing a comfortably affordable entry point into the Larsen Cello strings range without compromising the Larsen seal of quality and consistency.

They had a smoothly brilliant sound without metallic overtones. Larsen steel core with the A & D wound with corrosion-resistant alloy, the G in nickel and Crown Cello C in tungsten. They offered great value without compromise.

  • 4/4 Full Size
  • Medium and High Tension Variants
  • Larsen Steel Core
  • A and D Corrosion Resistant Alloy Wound
  • G Nickel Wound
  • C Tungsten Wound

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