J. Thibouville Lamy

j thibouville lamyBreathing Life Into History: The Resurgence of J. Thibouville Lamy

In the heart of Mirecourt, France, a musical revolution took shape in 1861 with the establishment of J. Thibouville-Lamy (JTL). Earning recognition as one of the era’s most prolific musical instrument manufacturers, JTL crafted a legacy that resonates to this day. The illustrious history of JTL is etched in each instrument produced, signifying an unbroken lineage of craftsmanship that speaks to both the heritage and future of this remarkable brand.

An Evolutionary Journey: Transition to the UK

JTL’s story is not just about past glories, but also about evolution and transition. As the 20th century approached its twilight, JTL’s presence in Mirecourt gradually faded, giving way to a bold new chapter based in the United Kingdom. This transition marked a significant shift in JTL’s focus towards distribution, trading in instruments, parts, and accessories from diverse manufacturers. This adaptability underlines JTL’s enduring commitment to ensuring quality music remains accessible to all.

Building a New Legacy: The J. Thibouville Lamy Revival

2019 marked a thrilling new beginning for JTL as the iconic brand found a home with Barnes & Mullins, the distinguished British musical instrument distributor and manufacturer. Teaming up with some of the finest bowmakers and luthiers in Suzhou, China, Barnes & Mullins are orchestrating a JTL renaissance for the 21st century. Together, they are not merely manufacturing bows, but crafting stories of passion and precision that will echo in every stroke played with a J. Thibouville Lamy bow.

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