Warchal Ametyst Violin Strings


  • All Sizes from 4/4 to 1/16 size
  • Pure and focused sound
  • Brighter than Karneol strings
  • Improve the sound of all levels of violins
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High-Quality synthetic core strings. Ametyst violin strings offer a pure and focused sound that is brighter than Karneol strings. Although they are intended for better instruments, they will improve the sound of all levels of violins. They have a synthetic core and normally take approximately three days to achieve tuning stability and optimum tone quality.

Ametyst Violin Strings Core and Winding Materials

Product No.NoteCoreRemarks, Winding Materials
400 Bset(Ball End E)
400 Lset(Loop End E)
401 BEMetalPlain Stainless Steel – Ball End
401 LEMetalPlain Stainless Steel – Loop End
402ASyntheticHydronalium / Hydronalium
403DSyntheticHydronalium / Hydronalium
404GSyntheticHydronalium / Pure Silver


Ametyst Violin String tensions are stated in N (Newtons) calculated using a vibrating string length of 326 mm and a frequency of 440 Hz (A1)

400 BAMETYST set E-ball216,10
400 LAMETYST set E-loop216,10
401 BAMETYST E-ball78,48
401 LAMETYST E-loop78,48
402AMETYST A53,60
403AMETYST D41,16
404AMETYST G43,07

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Ametyst Violin String

Set with E Ball End, Set with E Loop End, E String Ball End, E String Loop End, A String, D String, G String



String Tension

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