W.E. Hill & Son Conservation Wax

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  • Specifically formulated for fine stringed instruments and bows
  • Unique blend of microcrystalline waxes and citrus oils
  • Effective removal of rosin build-up
  • Gentle, non-abrasive polishing agent
  • Transparent when applied, enhancing the instrument’s shine
  • Free from petrochemical solvents
  • Developed and manufactured in the UK
  • Supplied in a handy 50ml, resealable aluminium tin

Elevate Your Instrument Care with Hill’s Conservation Wax

Meticulously formulated for the discerning musician, the W.E. Hill & Sons Conservation Wax brings a whole new level of care to your cherished stringed instruments and bows. Crafted from an exclusive blend of superior microcrystalline waxes and citrus oils, this conservation wax pampers your instrument with gentle yet effective cleaning, offering a higher standard of protection and preservation.

The magic lies in the wax’s transparent application; it visibly enhances the shine and lustre of your instrument without leaving a hint of residue. What you get is a vibrant, professional-grade finish that subtly reveals the beautiful natural textures of your instrument.

A Proven Solution from the Heart of the UK

Proudly developed and produced in the UK, the W.E. Hill & Sons Conservation Wax stands tall as a symbol of top-notch British craftsmanship. A product of extensive research and rigorous testing, this conservation wax proves its mettle in removing rosin build-up and functioning as a non-abrasive polishing agent. The absence of petrochemical solvents ensures your instrument enjoys a gentle, eco-friendly touch every time.

Sophisticated Design Meets User-friendly Packaging

Housed in a 50ml, resealable aluminium tin, the W.E. Hill & Sons Conservation Wax ensures effortless application and safe storage. The compact and durable tin design makes it a perfect travel companion, ensuring that top-quality instrument care is never more than a pocket away. To apply, simply glide a soft cloth gently over the surface of the wax, then let the conservation wax work its magic on your precious instrument.


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