Phil Jones Bass Briefcase

Phil Jones Bass Briefcase


The Phil Jones Bass Briefcase is a high-end versatile small amp with battery option.

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The Phil Jones Bass Briefcase is a high-end versatile small amp with battery option.

The briefcase was developed for the bassist who needs a high-performance practice amp that does not limit their playing ability. It provides rich, deep tones that are usually associated with much bigger boxes. The dynamic mid-range and high frequencies come through with incredible transparency. The two dedicated 5 inch drivers were specifically designed for the briefcase, driven by a high current 100-watt (RMS) amplifier housed in rigid metal chassis.

The ability to run on AC power or 12V sealed lead acid battery makes the Briefcase a highly portable and compact package that is truly flexible at multiple environments. Being small, clean and powerful, it is also a great amp for musicians who seek a natural reproduction of their instrument. It’s an ideal match for upright basses.

At 30 lbs and 100 watts, the Briefcase easily handles the low E string and can even accommodate the low B! 5-band EQ lets you dial in the proper tone. A variety of outputs allow you to practice in private, expand your sound with an extension cabinet when needed, or go direct to a mixing board.

The Briefcase is great for both electric and acoustic basses.

Model Briefcase
Power Output 100 W (RMS)
Speaker 2 x 5” Custom Piranha Loudspeaker
EQ 5-BAND Graphic EQ
Input Passive / Active Changing-Over Switch
Output Line Out, Speaker Out, D.I. Out
Other Preamp. output jack, Headphone Out, COMPRESSOR & LIMITER with ON/OFF Switch, Battery (connected), Carrying Bag (not included)
Power 110/220V AC
Dimension (WxDxH) 6.7×17.3×15.5 inch / 170×440×394 mm
Weight 28 lbs / 12.5 kg
Color Black, Red

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